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Supporting the Special Children's Christmas Party

Brighten a Special Child’s Life This Christmas

This year, Roundhouse Electrical took a step beyond our electrical services to support a cause close to our hearts - the Special Children's Christmas Party. This initiative isn’t just about a day of fun; it's about giving children who face significant challenges a chance to revel in the joy and magic of the festive season.

The Heart of the Initiative

The Special Children’s Christmas Party is dedicated to bringing smiles to children across New Zealand who are living with life-threatening illnesses, physical or intellectual impairments, domestic violence, or find themselves in underprivileged circumstances. It’s about giving these incredible kids a break from their daily struggles, enveloping them in happiness and carefree fun, if only for a day.

Since 1998, and with the addition of extravaganzas since 2005, the initiative has grown into a beloved annual event:

  • 190,000 Smiles: Lighting up the faces of 190,000 children with moments of pure joy.
  • 140 Parties: Across New Zealand, these parties have become a beacon of hope and happiness.
  • 7,000 Volunteers: The backbone of these events, whose dedication makes them possible.
  • 560,000 Toys: Each child leaves with their arms full, having received approximately 560,000 toys over the years.
  • 750 Celebrities: Adding a sprinkle of stardom to the festivities, making each event unforgettable.
certificate of appreciation presented to Roundhouse Electrical